SkegLeg – Skeg Extender

Introducing the SkegLegTM

Electric Motor Skeg Extender

SR SkegLeg

We developed the SkegLeg to enhance low speed and dead stick maneuvering and improved straight line travel in these Electric Deck Boats. They come standard on all Esc’ADE’s, Esc’KEY’s, Refurbished ElDeBo’s and Re-hulled Escape Cruz Boats.

SF5 SkegLeg

The SkegLeg simply attaches to the underside of the power units and enhances the original fin or skeg the units already have. It’s common for electric motors to lose some maneuverability or control when going very slow or drifting. The SkegLeg virtually eliminates this and makes coming into a dock or aligning for trailering much easier and safer by giving the Captain more control. It also enhances the boats turning since it “bites” more water in a turn. The added “bite” also helps when out in a little breeze.

Also, our design does not interfere with a trolling motors outer surface to remain in direct contact with the surrounding water. It’s this direct water contact that cools the motors from damaging overheating.

The SkegLeg’s components are very durable and will last a long time. The heavy duty, high torque stainless steel band clamps work great in water and the Skeg Leg itself is made from a very durable plastic prized in the marine industry and general manufacturing for it’s outstanding impact and wear resistance.

SkegLeg for Minn Kota E-Drive

SkegLeg for Minn Kota E-Drive

Installation is very simple. A quick look at the picture and video will help greatly. Start by unscrewing the hose clamp screws until the banding comes free, insert the tag end of the clamps into the slots machined into the SkegLeg, align so the tabs are positioned on the original skeg, align the screw clamp housings on the band clamps on top of the power unit, tighten down the hose clamps, done. Re-tightening after a couple of outings will pick up any slack the clamps develop from stretching and the system settling in.


Installation Video

Measuring for your SkegLeg

SkegLeg Measuring

SkegLeg Measuring

SkegLeg with Transducer Measuring

Measuring for SkegLeg with Transducer

Another simple and easy to use product from to help be the ‘KEY and ‘ADE to your Escape out on the water.

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Customer Testimonials:

“Hey Mike.  I wanted to let you know.  I have been experimenting with trolling on Erie this spring using the kicker.  I find that the best way to steer is with the MinnKota bow mount.  If the wind isn’t too bad, I don’t really need to power on the MinnKota because the direction change, aided by that keel, is enough.  Pretty sweet. Thanks, Chris Gorman” 


“I tried my new SkegLeg on my MinnKota Endura for a week of Saginaw Bay Walleye fishing.  Even in rougher weather my turns were sharper and my I-Pilot ran straighter!  There seemed to be greater battery life also since there were fewer adjustments that the motor had to make.  It was very simple to put on and is not in the way with stowage.  This was a great investment and would recommend it highly to anyone with an electric trolling motor!”

Gary Doublestein, Michigan


“My wife helped me install the SkegLeg on SM (Escape Cruz) while it was in the water. Took a bit of effort being in the water but, all in all, the installation went well and we were able to do so as the instructions outlined.  

When we left to test the SkegLeg, I noticed a major improvement immediately. The steering wheel was more steady. Without the SkegLeg I was constantly turning the steering wheel back and forth slightly to hold a straight line. With the SL this type effort was ever so slight when it had to be done, not often, even when going slow or in a breeze. Turning was also much easier! Basically total handing of the Escape Cruz was much more responsive. Hooray!

We would encourage anyone owning a Minn Kota electric trolling motor as on our Escape Cruz to purchase and install the SkegLeg. It will make driving the EC so much more fun. Has for me.

All the best, Bud Preston — Blue Heron Pointe – Northville, MI


Blue Heron Pointe