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COVID-19 NOTICE – During this unprecedented period in history and with respect to societal mandates regarding quarantining and essential services; we cannot guarantee lead times and due dates for the foreseeable future. We will work toward completing work as quick as possible given the ability to acquire necessary components and have needed labor available to complete the work/projects. Thanks in advance for your patience.


New Esc’ADE’s and new Esc’KEY’s boat builds. We are hopeful to begin quoting new boats in Fall 2022.

Used Eldebo’s and Escape Cruz’s ready for refurbishing.  As of 10-2022 – ESCapeBoats is currently out of stock in used boats for refurbishing.

Refurbishing your Eldebo – Please contact us if you would like a quote on updating your Eldebo.

EscBoats ships in the continental U.S. and some parts of Canada.

Due to fluctuating supply costs during the pandemic, we will honor quotes for 14 days.

Quotes for New Boats will be added to a Waitlist for Fall 2022
Refurbish Your Boat Quote? (You will need to send your boat to our shop)