Refurbishing Services

Refurbishing Services

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The Esc’KEY was originally launched by Leisure Life Ltd.® as the ElDeBo®tiller steered electric deck boat and when Johnson Outdoors Watercraft® purchased Leisure Life they added the Escape Cruz Electric Deck Boat® with the electronically deployed Minn Kota E-Drive motor and steering wheel.

At ESCapeBoats, we take trade-ins on new ESCapeBoats or sell us your used Eldebo or Escape Cruz that you no longer use or we can rebuild/refurbish your Eldebo or Escape Cruz.

We usually have ElDeBo‘s® and Escape Cruz’s in the shop ready for refurbishing. (As of 10-2022 – ESCapeBoats is currently out of stock in used boats for refurbishing.)

A used Eldebo can be completely rebuilt with the new tiller steering & propulsion system, new deck and carpet, new furniture (flat white marine grade vinyl — tufted and two tone no longer available), new Bimini and any additional options you desire.

A used Escape Cruz that is having water retention problems, will receive a new hull with new flotation material and bilge pumps along with a thorough inspection of your boat and recommendations. (not available at this time 10-2022)

Email us at or request a quote for a buyout or rebuild. Please send photos in your email if you are looking to sell.

ELDEBO - Refurbished Steering Column

ELDEBO – Refurbished Steering Column

New Propulsion/Steering System

ElDeBoRefurbNewPropSystemCenter ElDeBoRefurbNewPropSystemLeft ElDeBoRefurbNewPropSystemRight