Refurbishing Services

Refurbishing Services

Refurbished ElDeBo

ELDEBO in for Refurbishing

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The Esc’KEY was originally launched by Leisure Life Ltd.® as the ElDeBo®tiller steered electric deck boat and when Johnson Outdoors Watercraft® purchased Leisure Life they added the Escape Cruz Electric Deck Boat® with the electronically deployed Minn Kota E-Drive motor and steering wheel.

At ESCapeBoats, we take trade-ins on new ESCapeBoats or sell us your used Eldebo or Escape Cruz that you no longer use or we can rebuild your used Eldebo or Escape Cruz.

We usually have ElDeBo‘s® in the shop ready for refurbishing. (As of 5-2020 – 2 Eldebo’s, 3 Escape Cruz)

A used Eldebo can be completely rebuilt with the new tiller steering & propulsion system, new deck and carpet, new furniture, new bimini and any additional options you desire.

A used Escape Cruz that is having water retention problems, will receive a new hull with new flotation material and bilge pumps.

Email us at or request a quote for a trade-in, buyout, or rebuild

ELDEBO - Refurbished Steering Column

ELDEBO – Refurbished Steering Column

New Propulsion/Steering System

ElDeBoRefurbNewPropSystemCenter ElDeBoRefurbNewPropSystemLeft ElDeBoRefurbNewPropSystemRight