Long Term Storage / Winterizing

EscBoats Long Term Storage / Winterizing

As with all boats, reluctantly, at some point there comes a time to put our floating toy away for extended periods and/or to winterize your boat in northern climates.

At EscBoats our Electric Deck Boats are simple to make ready for storage and doing so will help maintain your boat in tip top shape for many years.  The following information lists some recommendations regarding the very simple process.

The best possible scenario is to store any boat indoors to gain some control against damage from outside sources. Common sources of damage to stored boats:

  • Extreme Weather (Heavy snow, hail, rain, wind)
  • Extreme Temperature Change
  • Vandalism
  • Falling Trees and Limbs (if stored outside)
  • Rodents and Birds (looking for places to nest)

If indoors is not possible, next best is under a hard top like an awning or deck. Using the storage cover (Mooring Cover) or a tarp propped up in the center is advisable and tighten (cinched) around the base of your boat. This will help keep the boat deck area clear from blowing debris and snow/water damage.

Remove any and all food items from your boat. Remove the detachable furniture pieces (bench seat and backrest, cushions, and swivel seats and store indoors). Remove the bimini (canopy) top and store indoors as well. Life jackets should be checked for any safety issues and replaced for the following year and stored indoors. All should be stored away from the possibility of weather and/or rodent damage.

Whether indoors or outdoors: Elevate bow a little to force any accumulated water to the stern and pump out via bilge pumps.

Plug chargers in and allow a full charge cycle. After full charge is complete, top off the battery’s with distilled water to a level recommended by the battery manufacturer. Remove batteries and put on trickle charge in an area that does not see extremes in temperature. If storing the boat indoors where power is available; leave plugged in to allow chargers to maintain charge. If storing where the boat is periodically accessible; plug the chargers in on occasion to top off the charge.

If storing on a trailer outdoors: Top off the recommended tire pressure and cover the tires from sunlight exposure will help prolong their useful life.

Indoors or outdoors: Propping the axel up on suitable blocks so the tires are off the ground will help protect from being ruined by the weight of the boat and trailer sitting on them if the tires were to pressure.

Your Minn Kota Motor: Storing your motor is one of easiest tasks for long term storage. Just lift the motor and clear any debris from the propeller. You’re done!