Escape Cruz Issues

Escape Cruz Deck Boats – Taking on Water

We have taken calls from Escape Cruz Deck Boat Owners regarding their boats listing (leaning) from a water retention issue. It is a very real and unfortunate design issue in that the boats do not have the ability to remove on-board water.

After a few years of listening to concerns and questions about anything that can be done to help or repair the issue, we have suggested and some have come up with, installing bilge pumps into the boat by creating a cavity in the urethane foam at the stern of each pontoon. Of the customers we have kept in contact with, this repair is showing mixed success.

Once the foam is saturated the water is pretty much impossible to get out by either seepage, draining down or by evaporation. Limiting the boats exposure to precipitation is the only proactive measure that is effective. Either by Mooring or Storage Covers or under a canopy on a boat lift.

We now offer a repair here at the EscBoats shop that several Escape Cruz owners have taken advantage of and are very pleased with the results. The repair we are offering is to cut the boat in half and replace everything below the rubrail (where the boat touches the dock) with new parts. The same new parts and assembly techniques that go into our new ESCapeBoats, the Esc’KEY and the Esc’ADE. (Unfortunately, as of 9-2022 we do not have hulls to refurbish your Escape Cruz.)

The new parts include:

  • Entire Hull
  • Rubrail
  • New EPS Foam Floatation Blocks
  • Bilge Pumps
  • Superstructure
  • Updated Wiring Harness
  • Bilge Pump Wiring and Switches + Appropriate Hardware

Other work that has been requested: (Quoted upon request)

  • New Radios
  • Telescoping Swim Ladders
  • New Furniture

Sometimes during the rework some issues come to light as unforeseen work that could not have been predicted until we are in there. Because of these hidden issues, the rework is quoted as a time and material style quote with a not to exceed without permission clause.

The repair/rework had been averaging $4500-$5500.  Logistics (getting the your boat to our shop) are quoted separately – To and From zip code 49507.


Our new ESCapeBoats do not have urethane foam in the hull. We are using virgin Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) similar to the original design of this platform called the ELDEBO. The new boats also have bilge pumps like the original design, making removal of accumulated bilge water very simple with the periodic flip of a switch.


If your deck boat is showing signs of water retention we can help. Send us an email at and we can discuss your repair. We look forward to helping you get back out and enjoy your Escape Cruz very soon.