ESCapeBoats Customer Testimonial

Mooring Cover:

I wanted to let you know that the boat cover arrived and I have it on my electric boat already. It was very easy to put on and I am so pleased with the quality of the cover. It fits perfectly!! 

Thank you for everything.

Larry T.

Elk Grove, CA

Refurbished Escape Cruz:
I just got off the phone with Mike and he spent a lot of time with me guiding some tricky work I plan to do on my Escape Cruz. He was very generous with his time and helpful, plus he knows the boats inside out. No wonder. It turns out he was part of the design team. When I heard that, it brought a whole new level of respect for his understanding of these very cool boats.
I live on a 230 acre reservoir, part of the drinking water for the City of Providence, and it’s electric water craft only.  When I saw my first Eldebo about ten years ago, I had to have one. Then the search began and I found that they were no longer in production. Wish I’d know about your company then. I looked for a few years and basically gave up until one appeared a local arena and I bought it on the spot. They are perfect for our peaceful pond and make a great swimming platform. There’s nothing like cruising the lake in quiet style and elegant comfort, and that is what these boats are all about.
I’ll bet a lot of owners feel the same kind of passion for their Escape boats that I do, and that is why it was fantastic to talk to Mike. He not only shares the passion, he is keeping them alive and making new ones. It gave me a lift to know that your company is out there and this unique and elegant design will continue on.
Since we got a hold of ours, another has appeared on the Reservoir for a total of three. Something that goes unsaid here is that these boats have a wonderful feel and look to them. They remind me of a swan with their pure, curvaceous form and grace. Someone got a silvery pontoon boat with the wrapped sides at it’s just not the same thing. We feel real lucky to have our Escape Cruz and, with Mike’s help and guidance, I can keep it operational for as long as I am.
Looking forward to warm weather and full moon cruises, 
Mark Cavanagh
Cruising with my 92 year old mom, Helena
My nephew Peter at the helm