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Mooring Cover Pull Cord Winch

Mooring Cover Pull Cord Winch

Mooring Cover Pull Cord Winch Close-up View

Mooring Cover Pull Cord Winch Close-up View













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Mooring Cover – Standard Colors

Cover Color – Marine Royal Blue

Cover Color – Seagull Grey








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Component Covers Escape Cruz or Esc'ADE

Component Covers Escape Cruz or Esc’ADE









Component Covers for Eldebo or Esc'KEY

Component Covers for Eldebo or Esc’KEY












Link to store: Eldebo or Esc’KEY Component Covers  or Escape Cruz or Esc’ADE Component Covers

Mooring & Storage Cover Guide

Upon removal from the package you will find – A Cover, Instructions/Guide & Prop Rods.

Installation – On the console steered models, two holes (one in each side) need to be drilled into the gussets on the lower motor/transom brackets; see reverse side. This is where the stern pull cord clips attach. On the tiller steered models the cover is continuous around the stern of the boat and no modification is needed.

The Prop Rods – How the cover fits your boat will depend on many things and the poles adjust-ability allow for these variances. One rod needs to be 29 ½” long and is to be installed toward the bow and the other rod 34” installed mid-ship. These lengths are a good starting point. The rods snap in place under the cover indicated by square reinforcing patches with snaps sewn in.

The rods fit correctly when the cover is firmly supported with minimal pole movement or sway. Final adjustment is best done once the cover is firmly in place.

Once the cover is fitted and the prop rods are adjusted to where the cover fits comfortably on the boat the snap studs will need to be installed. They are simply screwed into the hull material below the rub-rail indicated by where the 6 snap caps are installed in the cover itself.

We found the cover easiest to install moving from one back corner of the boat then installing forward. Remember to snap the stern/rear clips in the drilled holes in the motor brackets on Console steered boats and to clip the pull chord together opposite the ratcheting pulley. The zippers allow for the canopy poles & brackets to the left and right of the helm seat.

The pull cord holds the cover on the boat. The cover is in place when this cord is below the rub-rail. Pulling the cord tight in the ratcheting pulley secures the cover to the boat. The cover is released by pressing the metal tab in the pulley housing. The ratcheting pulley is installed on the starboard or right side and if necessary can be changed by untying the knots and retying on the opposite side.

The cover is made of very durable water resistant UV protected material and will last for years with little maintenance. For cleaning all that is needed is light soapy water and a rinse. Aftermarket waterproofing products should not be used as they can shorten the life of the product and ruin colorfastness.

The cover is warranted against manufacturer’s defects for one year from date of purchase. Damage from misuse, animals or extreme weather is not covered. It is not designed for use when the boat is trailered at high speeds or long distances. Damage from trailering is considered misuse and is not covered.

From the Fabric Manufacturer:

Abrasion Exceeds 10,000 Double Rubs.
Cautions Do not use Detergent Mustang is finished to resist the growth of mildew. However,it should not be folded and stored while wet. Accumulation of dirt and animal droppings which can support growth of mildew and result in fabric staining, should be removed periodically by recommended cleaning methods. The pigment in Mustang will not migrate onto upholstery vinyls. If some surface rub-off should occur it can easily be removed with vinyl cleaner of mineral spirits. In areas where vigorous movement of the fabric against a hard surface will occur during use,Use of a buffer strip is recommended.
Cleaning Instruction See Features/Cautions.
Description Mustang is an Acrylic coated 450 Denier Polyester
Features FED STD 191, Method 5516: 3 drop rating: 71 cm Breathability: 100g/m2/24hr. Reversible Mustang may be cleaned with a cleaning solution of 4ounces of bleach and 2 ounces of mild soap mixed with one gallon of warm (100F) water.Do NOT use detergents, Use a soft, bristled brush to lift soil embedded in the fabric surface. Rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove soil and soap residue. After thoroughly cleaning and drying,water repellency may be reduced. The water repellency can be improved by an application of Aquae-Tite Green water & stain Repellent.Weldable by Heat, RF, UltrasonicSpray Rating: AATCC-22: 90+
Mildew Product is Mildew Resistant.
Ultraviolet Ultraviolet Resistant equal to or greater than 1200 hours.