SkegLeg – Skeg Extender

Introducing the SkegLegTM Electric Motor Skeg Extender We developed the SkegLeg to enhance low speed and dead stick maneuvering and improved straight line travel in these Electric Deck Boats. They come standard on all Esc’ADE’s, Esc’KEY’s, Refurbished ElDeBo’s and Re-hulled Escape Cruz Boats. The SkegLeg simply attaches to the underside of the power units and enhances the original fin or skeg the units already have. It’s common for electric motors to lose some maneuverability or control when going very slow or drifting. The SkegLeg virtually eliminates this and makes coming into a dock or aligning for trailering much easier and safer by giving the Captain more control. It also enhances the boats turning since it “bites” more water in a […]

SkegLeg for Minn Kota E-Drive