SkegLeg – Skeg Extender

Introducing the SkegLegTM Electric Motor Skeg Extender We developed the SkegLeg to enhance low speed and dead stick maneuvering and improved straight line travel in these Electric Deck Boats. They come standard on all Esc’ADE’s, Esc’KEY’s, Refurbished ElDeBo’s and Re-hulled Escape Cruz Boats. The SkegLeg simply attaches to the underside […]

SkegLeg for Minn Kota E-Drive

Esc'KEY on the Water

ESCapeBoats Customer Testimonial

SkegLeg “Hey Mike.  I wanted to let you know.  I have been experimenting with trolling on Erie this spring using the kicker.  I find that the best way to steer is with the MinnKota bow mount.  If the wind isn’t too bad, I don’t really need to power on the […]